J’ai déjà essayé à travers la mer.

La chance n’était pas de ma part.


I go, I back, I go, I back.

Keine chance…



Its collection growing since 2019, the Keine Chance archive is an attempt to give recognition to the thousands who have been robbed of their lives, torn from their histories and cursed to repeatedly migrate. It attempts to represent the impossibility of the future of thousands of asylum seekers who have found themselves trapped on the outskirts of the European Union.


Using a variety of non-linear and fragmented visual strategies, including photography, video, objects and found footage, collage and text, Keine Chance explores the conditions, the aspirations and the plight of people seeking a better life in the European Union. It strives to visualise the time spent in between the trials and tribulations of “the Game,” as it is often informally named by those seeking a better life in central Europe. It leaves a trail of often deadly attempts and failures along the Balkan refugee route, where thousands of mines, walls and razor wires, along with the systemic violence and abuse of police actions, control one of the last stretches of land asylum seekers need to cross before they reach their desired safe haven.



Inshallah, next time.

Maybe tomorrow.